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Flat Screen TVs vs Projectors

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A question that many people have been asking themselves is whether to buy a projector or a flat screen TV. Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages just like everything else. However, before deciding on which one to purchase, consider 4 factors which include:


The picture quality of televisions is generally not affected by lighting. However, lighting has a big impact on the picture quality when using a projector. To get better viewing, you will need to block any light by putting the shades down and turning off the lights. Although there are some projectors which will still produce high quality pictures when a small amount of light is present, images produced by projectors are normally washed out with the presence of light. This can be a disadvantage because you would not be able to use it during the day unless you have completely blocked off any light.

Available Sizes and Prices

Flat Screen TVs can be as small as 15 inches and can cost $150 or less. There are also flat screen TVs which are as large as 152 inches which costs around $70,000. Projector screen sizes are indicated by means of a ratio, width:height. The formats of the screens include square or slides which has an aspect ratio of 1:1, NTSC or video which has an aspect ratio of 4:3, widescreen which has an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and HDTV which has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The width can be as small as 50 inches while the largest size ranges from 188 and 192 inches.

Installation Process

Installing a flat screen TV is not hard at all. However, for those who do not want the wires of the television to be visible, a lot more work is to be done. Mounting your flat screen on the wall will involve attaching the brackets to your television, finding a suitable location for the television, attaching the wall mount and finally, doing the wiring and mounting the television. However, it is much easier to place them on tabletops or stands. Projector installation is also not hard. For those who want to use their walls as the screen, they need to ensure that the walls are smooth. A screen can be used if you do not want to use the wall. A projector mount is also required and it can be placed at a location suitable for you as long as it does not get in your way. The next thing involved is to do the wiring. You will need a video cord, an audio cord and also speaker cables for connecting the receiver to the speakers.


Flat screen TVs are more versatile than projectors. One of the things that contribute to the versatility of flat screen televisions is the ability to change the angle of view to what you desire.