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Santa Monica Ca Home Theater and TV Installation


Welcome to the most Professional company in Santa Monica Ca for TV & Home Theater Installation and also CCTV Security Camera Sales and Install.

You can avoid your flat panel television from being stolen by installing it out of the reach of burglars. Putting it out of reach can be useful but our professional TV installers at Santa Monica Home theater Installation will guarantee that it is installed in a position where it can be comfortably enjoyed while performing as specified.

Our TV installers have been professionally trained and certified to complete installations according to the accepted standards adopted by the industry. We have been trained to adjust televisions and projectors, so that they reproduce the most accurate audio and video signal possible.

Professional TV installation is now a bit more complex as the TV technology improves. We use specialized test equipment to measure the colour balance, then the factory-service level adjustments are made to ensure that your TV performs according to specifications, when it is installed in your home or office.

As professional TV installers, who have been involved in the home theater installation industry since 1998, we are fully aware of all the factors that contribute to optimized viewing and enjoyable entertaining experiences.

The process can no longer be isolated, and your room environment, is also included in the process. Images are profoundly affected by rooms conditions, and we suggest improvements in either case.

The use of TV technology is quickly spreading to other areas, and we integrating TV technology into areas of security where we are installing CCTV security cameras to monitor both residences and businesses.

Our objective is to help you enjoy the best that A/V offer, we offer advice to help you make the right choice that suits your needs and your budget. All details are fully explained and we provide full training and support, to ensure that your A/V equipment provides the best for now and into the future.

Call us to set- up your installation, or to get some answers to any questions you may have about A/V equipment.